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Modified Elastofiber Element for Steel Slender Column and Brace Modeling

Krishnan, Swaminathan
Fonte: American Society of Civil Engineers Publicador: American Society of Civil Engineers
Tipo: Article; PeerReviewed Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /11/2010 Português
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An efficient beam element, the modified elastofiber (MEF) element, has been developed to capture the overall features of the elastic and inelastic responses of slender columns and braces under axial cyclic loading without unduly heavy discretization. It consists of three fiber segments, two at the member ends and one at midspan, with two elastic segments sandwiched in between. The segments are demarcated by two exterior nodes and four interior nodes. The fiber segments are divided into 20 fibers in the cross section that run the length of the segment. The fibers exhibit nonlinear axial stress-strain behavior akin to that observed in a standard tension test of a rod in the laboratory, with a linear elastic portion, a yield plateau, and a strain-hardening portion consisting of a segment of an ellipse. All the control points on the stress-strain law are user defined. The elastic buckling of a member is tracked by updating both exterior and interior nodal coordinates at each iteration of a time step and checking force equilibrium in the updated configuration. Inelastic postbuckling response is captured by fiber yielding, fracturing, and/or rupturing in the nonlinear segments. The key features of the element include the ability to model each member using a single element...