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Nanoscale Magnetic Materials for Energy-Efficient Spin Based Transistors

Incorvia, Jean Anne Currivan
Fonte: Harvard University Publicador: Harvard University
Tipo: Thesis or Dissertation; text Formato: application/pdf
Relevância na Pesquisa
In this dissertation, I study the physical behavior of nanoscale magnetic materials and build spin-based transistors that encode information in magnetic domain walls. It can be argued that energy dissipation is the most serious problem in modern electronics, and one that has been resistant to a breakthrough. Wasted heat during computing both wastes energy and hinders further technology scaling. This is an opportunity for physicists and engineers to come up with creative solutions for more energy-efficient computing. I present the device we have designed, called domain wall logic (DW-Logic). Information is stored in the position of a magnetic domain wall in a ferromagnetic wire and read out using a magnetic tunnel junction. This hybrid design uses electrical current as the input and output, keeping the device compatible with charge- based transistors. I build an iterative model to predict both the micromagnetic and circuit behavior of DW- Logic, showing a single device can operate as a universal gate. The model shows we can build complex circuits including an 18-gate Full Adder, and allows us to predict the device switching energy compared to complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) transistors. Comparing 15 nm feature nodes...