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Teaching And Assessing In Arts And Humanities Courses: Lessons From Inside The Classrooms Of Four Universities

Fernandes, Domingos
Fonte: Universidade de Lisboa Publicador: Universidade de Lisboa
Tipo: Conferência ou Objeto de Conferência
Publicado em //2014 Português
Relevância na Pesquisa
Research reported and discussed in this paper was developed within a wider three-year international research project (2011-2014) involving 36 researchers from four Portuguese and three Brazilian universities (The project has been financed by National Funds through Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) -Foundation for Science and Technology – Project PTDC/CPE-CED/114318/2009.) In the last decades, students have been entering higher education as never before and the European universities have been faced with all sorts of challenges (e.g., quality education for all, student mobility, a growing scarcity of resources). Traditional teaching and assessment practices, mostly based upon the so-called telling paradigm, still predominant in higher education, have been questioned and under pressure to change. Indeed, research have been pointing out that students learn better when they are engaged in the learning processes and when assessment for learning is integral to the organisation and development of teaching (e.g. Biggs, 2006; Black & Wiliam, 2006). As a result, a framework aiming at transforming and improving pedagogy and curricular practices in higher education was formally and politically put forward as a consequence of the so-called Bologna process. Since then...