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Health changes in Hispanic older adults in a Spanish arthritis self -management education program

Cornely, Helen Z
Fonte: FIU Digital Commons Publicador: FIU Digital Commons
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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Arthritis is the most common chronic condition affecting older people and is a major cause of limited activity. Arthritis education programs in English have demonstrated a positive impact on health but these programs have not reached the Hispanic communities where arthritis is the leading cause of disability. Minorities, such as Hispanics, have traditionally been reluctant to pursue self-help programs, and have been identified as an under-served population in terms of medical care. This study examined the effectiveness of one community health adult education program targeting Hispanic older adults with arthritis, the Spanish Arthritis Self Management Education Program (SASMEP), by evaluating changes in the participants' general health, pain, disability, self-efficacy, health perceptions, frequency of physician visits, and exercise. A pre and post control group experimental design and analyses of covariance were used to determine the pre and post differences in health status and health behaviors for a group participating in the SASMEP and a group who did not using gender and age as covariates. A repeated measures design was also used, and repeated measures analyses of variance and post hoc tests were done on health status and health behavior data collected pre...

Country Social Analysis : Ethnicity and Development in Vietnam - Main Report

World Bank
Fonte: World Bank Publicador: World Bank
Tipo: Economic & Sector Work :: Social Analysis
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This report " Country Social Analysis (CSA) " focused on ethnicity and development in Vietnam is a provocative analysis of marginality in contemporary Southeast Asia. It seeks to understand the macro social and political processes, and provides an analysis of how social, political, and cultural factors influence the opportunities and constraints to more equitable, inclusive development. This study provides research findings to support both the Bank's and the government of Vietnam's goals of social inclusion for ethnic minorities and poverty reduction. Previous studies, including the Bank's Country Partnership Study for Vietnam (CPS) and the government's Socioeconomic Development Plan (SEDP), focus on four organizing principles: (1) improving the business environment; (2) strengthening social inclusion; (3) strengthening natural resource and environmental management; and (4) improving governance. This study focuses particularly on the issue of strengthening social inclusion. Part one of this summary report is a literature review that discusses background information on ethnic minorities...