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Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks: A Comprehensive Optimization Approach

Sabbah, AYMAN
Fonte: Quens University Publicador: Quens University
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
Relevância na Pesquisa
In Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs), the role of the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer is very important since it enables Secondary Users (SUs) to access the spectrum without affecting Primary Users' (PUs) communications. SUs' and PUs' geometry has an effect on the performance of the spectrum sharing algorithms. Also, SUs' mobility changes the topology of the network as well as interference between the PUs and SUs. The scenario of multiuser multichannel CRNs introduces new challenges such as co-channel interference. Consequently, the power budget should be allocated to the SUs subject to specific constraints. Hence, different SUs will have different power and interference limits depending on the activity of PUs and on which SUs will be causing co-channel interference to each other. In addition, enabling Energy Harvesting (EH) in CRNs is promising to extend their lifetime so that the hybrid interweave/underlay access scheme is adopted, which means that SUs can access the active and non-active PU bands. In this thesis, I propose new optimal and suboptimal Dynamic Spectrum Allocation (DSA) algorithms that employ an interweave/underlay access scheme. I also study the impact of the following factors: mobility of the SUs, spectrum mobility...