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Role of engineers in the creation of engineering drawings - past, present and future

Castro-Cedeno, Mario
Fonte: Rochester Instituto de Tecnologia Publicador: Rochester Instituto de Tecnologia
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Relevância na Pesquisa
A change in technology can redefine roles in society. Skills that were previously considered specialties and/or optional can become required for the general population. Some recent examples include typing and drafting. Neither skill was expected from engineers before the widespread availability of personal computers. Secretaries performed the overwhelming majority of typing, and drafting technicians were available in sufficient numbers to do the drafting. Both were considered necessary support personnel in all engineering organizations. Recently, however, the adoption of personal computers has made typing and drafting expected and necessary skills for every engineer. The reason is that the number of typists and designers have decreased steadily during the last 20 years as engineering organizations reaped the benefits of the investment in personal computers that increased workforce efficiency. Some of the reduction in support personnel can be explained by increased efficiency but, in addition, today most engineering organizations expect engineers to perform tasks previously assigned to support personnel. One implication of decreasing numbers of drafting technicians is that, increasingly, recent engineering graduates are expected to perform in such a role without the benefit of lengthy on-the-job training...