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Exploration and analysis of sensor technologies for efficient indoor location-based services; Erfoschung und Analyse von Senortechnologien fuer die Implementierung effizienter Dienste zur Positionsbestimmung innerhalb Gebaeuden

Subramanian, Ponmalar Suguna
Fonte: Universidade de Tubinga Publicador: Universidade de Tubinga
Tipo: Dissertação
Relevância na Pesquisa
In recent years, there is a mounting obligation for indoor location based services Comparable to outdoor location based services . Indoor guidance systems provide ample utilities to a user explicitly huge complex at shopping malls , hospitals and at vast libraries for any directed assistance. Pedestrian navigation is one such promising indoor location based service. Localization remains a basis for all location based services . Although, few pedestrian -based indoor localization are systems available in market , they lack either one of the attributes as such accuracy, reliability, scalability and / or expensive. GPS is not meant for indoors and even if so used at indoors , its relatively weak signal still stay a hurdle for any indoor location based services . In this dissertation , the aim is to build an efficient and precise indoor localization approach that can be implemented for most of the large indoor environments. The projected approach in this study incomparable to GPS that works outdoors will, remain eminently than other available indoor localization based approaches. All prerequisite for efficient localization such as accuracy, reliability, scalability, flexibility, availability, cost efficiency , minimum latency and robustness were evaluated reconstructed for this approach that is herewith demonstrated in my dissertation. The dissertation is structured as various chapters . Each of the chapter in this dissertation portrays novel methods utilizing major sensor technologies such as Bluetooth...