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Fuzzy approach for Arabic character recognition

El-Nasan, Adnan
Fonte: Rochester Instituto de Tecnologia Publicador: Rochester Instituto de Tecnologia
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
Relevância na Pesquisa
Pattern recognition/classification is increasingly drawing the attention of scientific research because of its important roll in automation and human-machine communication. Even though many models have been introduced to deal with classification, because of the inherited imprecision and ambiguity, these models did not tackle the problem in an efficient way. Traditional models deal only with statistical uncertainty (randomness) but not with the non-statistical uncertainty (vagueness). Fuzzy set theory allows us to better understand imprecision in both of its categories: vagueness and randomness. The incorporation of fuzzy set theory in existing algorithms helped in many cases to improve the performance and increase the efficiency of those algorithms. This thesis will explore fuzzy logic as it pertains to pattern recognition. In order to demonstrate fuzzy logic, the problem of recognizing the Arabic alphabet is discussed. In this problem moments and central moments were used as discriminating features. A fuzzy classifier was designed in a way that incorporated some statistical knowledge of the problem in hand. Performance of this classifier was compared to a Bayesian classifier and a neural network classifier. Performance, evaluation...