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Seismic response control of structures using novel adaptive passive and semi-active variable stiffness and negative stiffness devices

Pasala, Dharma Theja
Fonte: Universidade Rice Publicador: Universidade Rice
Relevância na Pesquisa
Current seismic design practice promotes inelastic response in order to reduce the design forces. By allowing the structure to yield while increasing the ductility of the structure, the global forces can be kept within the limited bounds dictated by the yield strength. However, during severe earthquakes, the structures undergo significant inelastic deformations leading to stiffness and strength degradation, increased interstory drifts, and damage with residual drift. The research presented in this thesis has three components that seek to address these challenges. To prevent the inelastic effects observed in yielding systems, a new concept “apparent weakening” is proposed and verified through shake table studies in this thesis. “Apparent weakening” is introduced in the structural system using a complementary “adaptive negative stiffness device” (NSD) that mimics "yielding” of the global system thus attracting it away from the main structural system. Unlike the concept of weakening and damping, where the main structural system strength is reduced, the new system does not alter the original structural system, but produces effects compatible with an early yielding. Response reduction using NSD is achieved in a two step sequence. First the NSD...